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Mite Mania Tournament Rules

This tournament is governed by USA Hockey rules and regulations.


To maintain the integrity of the Mite Mania tournament and the intent of USA Hockey, the Zero

Tolerance Policy will be in effect for all games for the duration of the tournament. Any player,

parent, or coach found to be in violation will be asked to leave the facility.



  • USA Hockey approved rosters must be submitted with teams application. Only those players on the rosters are eligible to play. Only Coaches and players listed on the tournament roster will be allowed on the bench.
  • There is a Maximum of four coaches allowed on the bench at any one time.
  • All coaches will verify their rosters prior to the first game.
  • All players must sign in prior to the start of the first game
  • All teams shall provide two blank score sheets and Stickers of the Roster at the time of check in


Locker Rooms:

  • Locker rooms will be assigned to each team for each game time.
  • Please do not leave equipment n the locker rooms between games
  • Please exit the locker room as soon as possible after the end of your game
  • Please leave the locker rooms clean from all garbage




  • All equipment requirements are per USA Hockey Rules




  • Each team will play a minimum of 3 games.
  • The official game schedule shall be provided to each team before the start of the tournament.
  • The team’s staff is responsible for ensuring the team is at the rink at the correct time. Failure to do so will result in the game being forfeit
  • Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time. Games may begin up to 15 minutes early.
  • Game timing will commence with a short warm up. The time keeper shall determine the warm-up by sounding a buzzer. Teams not ready to play will forfeit their warm-up time.
  • All games shall consist of two (2) 20 minute periods, with a 1 minute intermission between periods.  Players and coaches are asked to exit the ice as quickly as possible after shaking hands to ensure the next game will begin on schedule.
  • Face offs will be done at each line change. No face offs will be done after a goal is scored. The team that was scored on will have the puck placed behind the net by a ref/coach to re-start play.
  • A buzzer will sound every two minutes to signal shift changes. 
  • The clock will be a running clock
  • Ice will be cut after each round.





Division Play

  • Red Division: Half ice 4 on 4 games with fully equipped goalie.
  • White Division: Cross ice 4 on 4 games with fully equipped goalie.
  • Blue Division: Cross ice 4 on 4 games no equipped goalies. Rotate 5 player in goal



  • Red and White divisions will have on-ice officials for each game. However there may be a need for coaches to be on the ice in the event of an illness or other unavailability of a referee.
  • No coaches will be on the ice unless asked by the Tournament Coordinator or designated representative from Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey. 
    • Accordingly, we ask that one coach from each team in these divisions bring skates with them just in case we might need your help.
  • Blue division will not have refs provided. It will be up to the coaches of each team to ref the games. Please make sure all coaches going on the ice bring skates for this level. 



  • If you’re team does not have a dark and light jersey, please bring pinnies. There will be some on hand as well, but this could be a potential area we could get behind on time if teams are not prepared.



Tournament Rules & Point System

  • Tournament will be a round robin format with posted results and standings for White and Red levels only.
  • Official scores will be available upon request but will be posted on the big board for viewing at any time.
  • There will be a Championship game at the Red and White Divisions only.
  • The Blue Division winner will be determined by a point system for the overall winner of that division.
  • Points will be based on
    •  Wins-2 pts
    • Ties-1 pt
    • Losses-0 pts
  • Tie breakers are as follows
    • 1.  Head to Head records;
    • 2.  Least final total goals allowed , ie Goals Against; and
    • 3.  Most final total goals scored with goals capped at 8 per game so no one team can run up the score to guarantee they will get the tie breaker.


Championship Games

  • The Championship Games in the Red and White Divisions will follow the same format as the regular tournament games.
  •  In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a 2 minute break. The teams will then play a five minute period of sudden death.  If there is no winner at the end of the overtime period the teams will proceed to a shootout of 5 skaters each.  The team with the most goals in the shootout will be declared the winner.  If the teams are still tied, 5 additional players per team will shoot. No player may shoot twice until all players on the bench have had one shot attempt.


The above rules are subject to modification and changes by the Board appointed Tournament Chair

and committee. All decisions by the Tournament Coordinator are final. Any questions or concerns

are to be discussed with Tournament Coordinator by the team manager or coach only.

Any changes to these rules will be distributed to all teams at check in time.




  • There is a concession stand available