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USA Hockey SafeSport Training FAQ


1.Do I need to take the SafeSport Training every


No, SafeSport Training is valid for 2 seasons. Thus

if you are taking the training now for the 2017-18

season, you will not need to take the training

again until the 2019-20 season and if you took the

training during the 2017-18 (prior to April 1,

2018) season you would not need to take it again

until the 2019-20 season (at which time a shorter

“refresher” course will be available).


2.How do I register for SafeSport Training?

Instructions on how to register and access the

training can be found here



3.How come I didn’t receive an email after I

completed the SafeSport Training?

You will not receive an email notification once you

complete the training. Your SafeSport Completion

certificate is proof that you have completed the



4.How do I obtain a copy of my SafeSport Completion


• Log in on website http://training.teamusa.org

• Click on “Your Courses”

• Click on USA Hockey SafeSport Course

• Click on “download certificate” (underneath the

“launch course” button)

• Save and print certificate and need a copy of

your certificate, please contact Joyce Kulpinski at

joycek@usahockey.org. If you took the training

prior to January 31, 2018


5.How will my program know that I completed

SafeSport Training?

You can provide a copy of your SafeSport Completion

certificate to clubs or programs. Additionally,

registrars for each association will also be able

to check (through the USA Hockey Registry) to see

if coaches/managers/volunteers in their association

have completed SafeSport Training and it will be

indicated on team rosters. If you are a referee,

SafeSport Training will be indicated on your

referee profile, though it can take up to a week

for this to appear on your profile.


6.Why won’t the system accept my USA Hockey

username and password?

The SafeSport Training is provided in conjunction

with the U.S. Olympic Committee so you will need to

register separately for this training by creating a

Team USA account with the USOC. Instructions on how

to register and access the training can be found

here www.usahockey.com/safesporttraining.


7.What if the training won’t start or it freezes?

The course videos require Adobe Flash Player when

being viewed on desktop and laptop computers.

Supported browsers for the new site include Chrome

10+, Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera 11+

and Safari 5+. This site can also be accessed on

tablets and mobile devices, and supports iOS 5+ and

Android 4.0+. It is also possible that your network

administrator or ISP is blocking Vimeo videos. You

can test this by going to


If the video does not play then you will want to

contact your network administrator or ISP to have

them allow Vimeo, or you will need to take the

training from another location.