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EJYH Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2017


Attendees: Jeff Osmond, Debi Benjamin, Mark Lamoreaux, Matt Peris, Bernadette Patelunas,

Michelle McCarthy, Bob Siglin, Amy Walsh, Kari Magliocca, Scott Merrick, Mike Lunger

Absent: Tim Krusen

Vacant: PR/Website

Visitors: None


  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Jeff Osmond at 6:00 PM


  1.  Approval and Posting Minutes: December 2016 meeting minutes approved and posted.


  1. Board Vacancy- PR/Website:
  • There are 2 individuals who have shown some interest in the position. Jeff asked them to submit a formal letter of interest/qualification letter and to plan on attending the February board meeting.
  • The position will be advertised publically. Any interested parties should submit a letter
  • of interest to Jeff Osmond, and also be prepared to attend the next board meeting in February 2017.


  1. Registration- Debi Benjamin:
  • 34 players registered for Mini Mite session 2. We are expecting this number to increase.
  • 1 player’s 2017 season payment is still outstanding.
    • Parents have been notified
    • Player will not be allowed on ice, will not be allowed to play any games, or to register for next year or given a release, until paid in full.


  1. Financial – Karie Magliocca:
  • Received a bill from Snowbelt for Association fees and team fees. We don’t remember receiving this bill in the past. Scott verified the invoice and it should be paid as is
  • All lotto winner’s names have been received. Checks will be sent out to the winners soon.
  • Top Seller of the lotto tickets is Kevin Comfort
    • Verification of how much he sold and what his registration fee is in process.
    • We also need to verify if we advertised that the top seller would receive a prize?
    • Past meeting minutes did not state this, but the Fundraising Coordinator said it

was advertised in the instructions on the tickets that were given to parents.

  • Bernadette will send a copy of the ticket to Karie for verification.
  • Mike Lunger motioned to award the prize (free season) to Kevin Comfort for selling the most lotto tickets. All in favor. Motion carried.


  1.  Equipment Report- Amy Walsh:
  • Online store is re-open. Contact Amy Walsh with questions.
  • Sock orders from Chelli’s for black socks are still outstanding for one family. Refund will be requested from Chelli and the order will be cancelled.


VII. Snowbelt/Central Section Report- Scott Merrick:

  • There was an issue with a Snowbelt team that needed to be discussed:
    • Team was scheduled for a Snowbelt game earlier this season and the Elmira
    • team cancelled due to them not having enough players. They have been trying to work with the scheduler from the opposing team, but they are still not able to make the rescheduled game, due to lack of players again. The Snowbelt league is very disappointed. In many cases like this there a fine is issued. Scott does not think that will be the case, but it cannot be ruled out completely.
    • If a fine is given, the team will be responsible to pay it. More than enough has been done by rescheduling it twice. Unfortunately, Elmira cancelled both times.
    • According to the last email received, the opposing team is trying to accommodate the Elmira team and schedule a game while Elmira is in the area. The Elmira Coach says they cannot make the game, and will take the forfeit. This is not acceptable. Mike will reach out to the coach to talk about this more – play with the kids you have – Do not forfeit.
    • The fear is a precedence is being set could affect the EJYH reputation, ultimately causing other hockey leagues to not schedule future games with us.


VIII.      Fundraising- Bernadette Patelunas:

  • Have not been able to get in touch with the winner of the Mini Mite Raffle Ticket Drawing (free suite). Messages have been left and a deadline for 1/18 was given for them to call back. If no reply, the prize will be given to 2nd place winner.
  • All lotto tickets have been turned over to Kari for payment.
  • Future Fundraising ideas for the league: Bus Trip to NYC, Wine and Design, video game tournament, Street Hockey/Roller Hockey Tournament. Maybe we could combine the video game tourney with Street hockey tournament and hold it in the summer. – these are all good ways to help boost the scholarship fund.
    • If the floor doesn’t go under construction this summer, Matt Peris thinks this is a good option. It will be revisited in March, when more is known about the floor remodel plan.
  • Grow the Game grant: We did not get awarded this grant this year. We will apply for it again next year.
  • There is a lot of equipment in the equipment room that we won last year. We need to figure out a way to get rid of it - No need to hold on to it. Karie will reach out to Total Hockey to see if we can trade or replace it for some of the Mite quick change equipment.


IX. Coaches Report- Matt Peris: All coaches have completed age appropriate modules.


X. Scheduler’s Report- Mark Lamoreux:

  • Many teams will miss upcoming practices due to upcoming events on the ice - Wine on

Ice (1/19), Globetrotters (1/31 & 2/2) Jackals Game (2/23) and Jackals Game (3/9).

  • It will affect only the teams that practice on the event ice on Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • Can these practices be made up during the last week of February, when we were supposed to be closed down in order to make up for the lost practice time? OR can we swap practice times with the teams that this is not affecting to ensure each team gets the same amount of practices? Another option is maybe the affected teams can practice on a different day to make up for the cancelled practice?
  • There is lots of Friday ice time available to make up missed time. Mike will work with other PW coach to see if Fridays will work to make them up.


XI.        Old Business:

  • Mite Mania wrap up- Jeff Osmond
    • Final tallies on raffle baskets and 50/50’s will be sent to Jeff soon.
    • Jeff is meeting with the Managers on Friday 1/20/17 to have a “lessons learned” session.
    • Money made from Mite Mania Tournament will be used toward Mite’s tournament fees. Total tally will be reported to board.
  • Banquet location and Date: Banquet will be held on March 28th at the Big Flats American Legion at 6:00 PM.
    • Each team will be asked to do a team basket for raffle. EJYH Board of Directors will also do a basket.
    • $10 per ticket for parents and siblings. Players/Coaches/Managers/Board Members are free.
    • Menu will be set soon.


XI. New Business:

  • Mite Move Up – Mike Lunger
    • 11 players are moving up.
    • Parent Meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss this process in more detail.
    • There will be 1 practice and 2 scrimmages held. This will be extra ice time. It will not replace any Mite practices.
  • Mark will look at schedule to see what days/times will work.
  • Player evaluations – Mike Lunger
    • Evaluations will be held after the banquet.
    • Dates to be set at next meeting in Feb.
  • Check bylaws about when try outs can be held due to States and or Nationals schedule for Travel Teams. Travel team tryouts cannot be held before states/nationals is over.
  • End of season dates – Travel team: March 5th (depending on sectional results). Snowbelt season ends on 3/10.

Motioned to adjourn by Mike. Karie Seconded. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM


Next meeting will be held on Feb. 15, 2017@ the

First Arena Off Ice Officials’ Room