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EJYH Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2017


Attendees: Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Kari Magliocca, Mark Lameroueux, Matt Peris, Michelle

McCarthy, Bob Siglin, Amy Walsh

Absent: Mike Lunger, Tim Krusen, Debi Benjamin, Bernadette Patelunas

Vacant: PR/Website

Visitors: Stacey Lunger, Jake Burns, Randy Fatula, Joe Magliocca, John Green


  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Jeff Osmond at 6:03 PM


  1. Approval and Posting Minutes: Jan. 2017 – Minutes approved and posted on 1/24/17


  1. Board Vacancy- PR/Website: 4 Interested parties. 2 present for “interview”-

Ø Jake Burns:

  • Mite White Coach currently.
  • Is very involved with the Fire Service. Writes a lot of grants for them, and has gotten ~$ 1.4M awarded for his fire department over the course of several years. He has also written grant for Schools systems ($200,000 playground granted)
  • He has many local media contacts.
  • Would rather do PR position more so than Web position.
  • Q: What kind of PR stuff would you be good at? A: He currently co runs all social media pages for the FD (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter). He’s not afraid to do interviews, public speaking.
  • Q: If we must put a contingency plan together to keep this org together how would you push something out? A: He knows many key people that are good grant writers, and has a lot of connections (not only for FD but in general) that could help. Many political connections too. He would head these types of things but would need help. EJYH is biggest vendor for arena. In all this conversation, we do not have a voice out there. Hs connections can help be our voice.
  • Q: What kind of PR would be a good way to get the backing from the community that the arena needs to stay open to keep youth hockey alive in the area? A: Letter to the Editor, try to contact the head of the arena, reach out to smaller newspapers. Tell the story…
  • He suggests that we start advertising now for summer fundraisers. Don’t wait!


Ø Randy Fatula: More interested in website portion of position.

  • Son plays in Mite program now.
  • Currently Assistant Coach for Mites.
  • He wants to support he organization and help make it successful, but would rather be behind the scenes rather than a face for the org.
  • Can support web position virtually due to location (Owego area)
  • He has developed websites in the past for volunteer positions.
  • Q: The current website is not being used to its ability. How can you help us utilize it to its potential? A: A website is the biggest promoter of the league and our teams. Needs to be utilized to its potential. He would be sure to keep the site updated to keep out of town family and friends up to speed on what’s going on. Will make sure game scores, pictures, tournament status are updated every weekend. He will also make sure announcements are updated and posted on a regular basis.
  • He has experience with website data mining and says that data mining is very useful - he can determine who is looking at the site, what they’re looking at, how long they looked at the site, etc…


Ø Discussion came up about the possibility of splitting the position into two.

  • Both positions are time consuming, so splitting may be a wise choice.
  • Both positons are crucial, but not necessarily the same.
  • Idea: Create a subcommittee to work together on PR and Web during off season.



Board enters executive session at 6:30 PM to discuss splitting the PR/Web position into two.  After thorough discussion, Kari Magliocca motioned to split the duties from one position to 2. Bob Siglin second. All in favor.

  • Kari Magliocca motions to only have one of the positions have voting rights. Bob

Siglin seconded.

  • Motion for Jake to take on the position of PR and Randy to take the web position motioned by Kari, seconded by Scott. All in favor.
  • • Executive session exited at 6:38 PM
  • Randy agrees to forego voting rights. He just wants to support the organization. Having a vote is not critical.


  1.  Officer Reports:


 Financial- Karie Magliocca :

  • Lotto winnings have been sent out. 5-6 days with no winner ($375),
  • Ice bill for Jan was incorrect (discount rate for ice was not given). Jared sent a

revised invoice today.


Equipment Report- Amy Walsh: Nothing to report


Snowbelt/Central Section Report- Scott Merrick:

  • Teams for JAM will be placed on Thursday 2/23.
  • Process seems to be much more organized this year. They are sending proposal out to coaches ahead of time before placing teams, and allowing them to provide feedback if they want.


Fundraising- Bernadette Patelunas: Nothing to report


Coaches Report- Matt Peris: Nothing to report


  1.  Old Business


Banquet Planning/Volunteers:

  • Date has been set.
  • Location has been set.
  • We need to decide what things we want at the banquet.
  • Email needs to be sent out for Heart and Hustle and Players Player Award. Coaches need to report Hat tricks, shutouts and playmaker awards.
  • Committee needs to be made and plans need to get finalized. Mark will email league for volunteers, and a meeting date will be set. So far, committee members are Mark Lamoreaux, Kari Magliocca, Debi Benjamin, Randy Fatula and Jeff Osmond.


Mite Move Up:

  • Dates are set 2/27 (after their normal practice), Game will be Friday 3/3 (afterpractice on rec Rink) and one on Saturday morning, 3/4 (on Rec Rink).


Player evaluations:

  • Dates to be determined - Cannot be held until after state bound tourneys are complete. Lots of questions from visitors about evaluations and how they work. Communication will be sent to explain the evaluation process and how placement works, to make sure everyone knows what to expect.
  • Grievance committee will be made in the case there are any issues.



  1. New Business


Arena Issues:

  • Things are not as bad as we think.
  • We need to form a long term/disaster planning committee and come up with a contingency plan, not just for this reason, but for unfortunate or catastrophic events that could happen at any time.
  • Committee will be opened to all, not just board members. Make it a volunteer committee until board votes to establish the committee.
  • Other discussions: Should we consider the possibility of building an independent facility that could host multiple sporting events? Much more discussion to be had about this, but it may be a good idea to start thinking about the opportunity.
  • One thing to keep in mind, if Jackals want/need to use the Rec Rink they have priority over EJYH.


Street hockey tournament – discussion tabled until March meeting.



Board entered Executive Session at 7:30 PM

Exit executive session at 7:45 PM.



Motion to adjourn by Jeff. Matt seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.


Next meeting March 15, 2017 @ 6:00 PM

White Eagles Club, Millard Street, Elmira, NY