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EJYH Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017


Attendees: Jeff Osmond, Mike Lunger, Scott Merrick, Mark Lamoreaux, Michelle McCarthy, Kari Magliocca, Bernadette Patelunas,

Absent: Matt Peris, Debi Benjamin, Jake Burns, Randy Fatula, Amy Walsh, Tim Krusen, Bob Siglin

Vacant: None

Visitors: Eric Patelunas


  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Jeff Osmond at 6:07 PM


  1. Approval and Posting Minutes - Feb 2017: Minutes approved. Posted on 3/9/17


  1. Long Term Planning Committee- ratify
  • Meeting to be held on 3/16 at 6PM at First Arena – (Off Ice Officials Room)
  • Chairperson will be Stacey Lunger
  • Missions:

 1) Longterm strategic plan for capital fundraising.

 2) Emergency Operation Plan - What if there is a natural disaster? What is our back up plan? We need to get one in place, just in case….

  3) Is it feasible and possible?

  4) We need to keep in mind that ice availability may be limited.

  • There are rumors spreading that there will be multiple leagues needing to use ice next season - Developmental league, Women’s league, IDHL, ECHL league, Youth league, Adult Rec league.
  • Would it be financially feasible to hold “Home” games at an away rink (like Onondaga, or others) due to their minimum ice costs ($95 per hour vs $225 per hour)? Something to consider.
  • Jeff motioned to have a meeting to discuss this topic in more depth on Wednesday 3/16 at 6:00 PM at First Arena to discuss further. Mike Seconded. All in favor.


  1.   Officer Reports:

Registration- Debi Benjamin – Nothing to report


Financial- Karie Magliocca – Nothing to report


Equipment Report- Amy Walsh – Nothing to report


Snowbelt/Central Section Report- Scott Merrick

  • Central Section Spring Meeting- 4/23/17 10AM in Syracuse
  • Scott, Jeff and Bernadette will attend
  • Some positions are open on the Central Section Board. If anyone is interested in more information, please contact Scott Merrick directly at


Fundraising- Bernadette Patelunas – Nothing to report


Coaches Report- Matt Peris – Nothing to report


Scheduler’s Report- Mark Lamoreaux – Nothing to report


  1.  Old Business:


Banquet Planning/Volunteers:

  • Banquet Date: 3/28/17 6:00 PM – Big Flats American Legion
  • EJYH Players, Coaches and Managers (mites and above) will be admitted for free
    • Additional adults and kids will be admitted for a cost of $20/adult and


  • Dinner will include meat, pasta, salad and rolls. Cupcakes and cookie for dessert
    • Menu to be finalized by next week
    • Instead of soda, there will be water coolers for water, lemonade and punch
  • Volunteers are lined up for decorating, clean up, basket raffle and registration
  • Awards have been ordered
  • Volunteers should plan on being there by 4:00-4:30 to get things set up
  • Pictures are needed for the video show and a projector
    • Mike will send an email out to parents requesting these.
  • Basket raffles will be needed.
    • The EJYH Board of Directors will provide something to be raffled off
    • Mike motioned for the board to provide a sweater/sock set. Bernadette seconded. All in favor.
  • Mike will work on a banquet agenda.


Player evaluations:

  • PW Evaluations will be held 3/22 & 3/23 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM on Rec Rink
  • Bantam Evaluations will be held 4/19 & 4/20 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM on Rec Rink.
  • Evaluation Cost: $20.00 per player – Fee is non-refundable.
  • Grievance Committee: Michelle McCarthy, Jake Burns & Mark Lamoreaux
    • Kari will forward the Grievance Policy out for committee to review.
  • The EJYH Board of Directors is strongly encouraging everyone to have their player(s) attend the player evaluations, so numbers can be established for next season. If the player is offered the opportunity to play on the Travel Team and they would rather not accept the offer, they can decline later.
  • One thing to keep in mind, teams do not need to be declared until September.


  1. New Business:


Street hockey tournament:

  • A committee needs to be formed and a date needs to be set.
    • Bernadette Patelunas and Kari Magliocca have volunteered to be part of the committee.
    • Jeff will send email out to league for parent volunteers to be on committee too
    • Should proceeds from this be applied to the scholarship fund?


Scheduling policy for lost ice time:

  • 2 teams wanted to schedule practice the week of 3/13 (Post JAM).
  • Due to events at the arena, some practices had to be cancelled during the regular season. Dates were provided to the Team Managers when the cancelled practices could be rescheduled and made up. Some teams did not contact him with dates to book the ice for.
  • Teams were surprised that no more ice was planned after JAM. There needs to be a window of time to get missed practices rescheduled. Debi will look at the scheduling policy to see if this is noted.
    • This topic will be revisited once the policy has been reviewed.
  • Mark pulled the ice reports and equal practice times were given to all teams.
  • No additional ice time will be permitted after JAM.
  • Mike would like Matt to ask the coaches how they liked the ice set up this season regarding the practice schedule.
    • Mike would prefer to flip flop teams each practice, so they have an opportunity to use both the Event Rink and Rec rink ice rather than practicing on the same rink every time.


Manager Handbooks:

  • Handbooks need to be created and distributed to each Team manager at the  beginning of the season. This will be a helpful tool for them to refer to throughout the season.


Golf Tournament:

  • Date has been set for 9/9 @ Mark Twain – 8:00 AM Shotgun start.
  • Golf Tournament Proceeds: Discussion about what the proceeds should be used towards.
    • Should we use it towards the Mini Mites ice costs and JAM fees again?
    • The money that was given to each team to be used towards JAM was very well received.
    • Should the proceeds from the Parent’s Night Out event be applied to the scholarship fund next year?



  • 3 out 5 Elmira teams made it to Championship Game at JAM
  • All 3 finished in 2nd place.
  • Great season overall. Lots of tournament wins this season for the entire organization.
  • Complaint:
    • Opposing teams did not follow bylaw of equal playing time at JAM.
    • Scott will file a formal complaint to Central Section on behalf of EJYH.
    • Snowbelt teams are required to offer fair playing time for each player. However, it’s important to note that there is a difference between fair playing time and sitting out due to disciplinary reason.


The Board discussed that it may be a good idea to create a form that would be filled out by the coach if a player sits for disciplinary reasons.

  • This would be for documentation purposes only.


Jackals Logo:

  • This needs to be discussed in more detail.
  • It will be tabled until next month’s meeting.
  • This is something that should be mentioned at the banquet so everyone is aware of what’s going to happen.


2017/18 Season On Ice Officials Fee:

  • It’s likely that these fees will remain the same and not increase next season.


Mite Move Up:

  • Went very well. Kids enjoyed it.
  • Drills that will be used during evaluations were done.
  • There are some really good skaters.
  • Many kids will benefit to going full ice.


EJYH Policies Meeting

  • We need to have a meeting outside of a normal board meeting to review all policies and update as needed before next season.

Specifically focus on Scholarship Policy, Ice Scheduling Policy, Fundraising Policy, Financial Loans, Team Managers.


Registration Form Addition:

  • We need to add a an “interested in” section on the registration form in an attempt to get more interest in parent involvement


Team Managers:

  • Discussions had about having Team Managers apply for the position next year rather than having them assigned. Follow same format as Coaches do currently.
  • Should we have 2 Mgrs per team? One to take care of financials, the other to take care of logistics?
  • Topics to be discussed at a later date.



Kari motioned to adjourn at 7:33 PM. Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM.


Next meeting will be held on Tuesday April 11, 2017- 6PM

(Location TBA)