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EJYH Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017


Attendees: Jeff Osmond, Matt Peris, Debi Benjamin, Bob Siglin, Michelle McCarthy Kari

Magliocca, Bernadette Patelunas, Mark Lamoreaux, Amy Walsh, Scott Merrick

Absent: Tim Krusen, Mike Lunger, Jake Burns, Randy Fatula,

Vacant: None

Visitors: Brian Bolden


  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Jeff Osmond at 6:02 PM


  1. Approval and Posting Minutes: March 2017 minutes approved and posted


  1. Officer Reports:


Treasurer- Karie Magliocca: Results from banquet: Total banquet cost $3587 (Food

$3,000, Awards $196, Misc. $391).

  • 123 players/coaches attended - 27 coaches & 96 players.
  • 110 extra adults and 14 extra kids attended ($2,340).
  • Attendance was up from last year’s banquet. (274 vs 247)
  • Some feedback received about the banquet to make note of for next year: It was too crowded, there was not enough food, and more volunteers are needed to help.
    • We should consider spending more next year to have it at a bigger location. Some ideas discussed - Hill Top, Reformatory Club House, Elmira College.
    • We should try to find a sponsor to host us for the banquet, this would cut down a lot of the cost.


Fundraising- Bernadette Patelunas:

  • Jerseys: An EJYH parent found some very nice jerseys, at a very reasonable price, and would like to recommend that we consider using them as an option for purchasing from in the future. He brought in a sample jersey and said they can also do sweatshirts. The material was a much more durable fabric than what we currently use and seems as though it would wear much better, and be more comfortable for the players.
    • Cost: $64/set.
    • They are produced in Pakistan, so they would need to be ordered very early.
    • PW Travel is requesting to purchase sweatshirts from this company as a team fundraiser. Price TBD.
  • Bernadette motioned for approval of this fundraiser. Debi seconded. All in favor.


Scheduling- Mark Lamoreaux: Nothing to report


Head of Coaches- Matt Peris: Nothing to report


Registration – Debi Benjamin:

  • The PW Travel Team has been selected.
  • Commitment letters were sent out with a disclaimer saying that $300 (nonrefundable) commitment fee was to be paid by 4/22, and if payment was not received by the due date a $100 late fee would be applied. Letter was sent out in error and should be disregarded. Any payments that have been made will be returned.


Snowbelt/Central Section - Scott Merrick

  • Central Section Spring Meeting- 4/23/17 10:00 AM in Syracuse – Jeff, Scott and Bernadette will attend.
  • A new Snow Belt President has been selected– Doug Lindsay.
  • Lots of equal ice time complaints last year. There is a complaint form that can be filed.
    • Scott will make sure all Team Managers know about this for next season.


  1.  Old Business



  • Bantam Evaluations will be held on Sunday 4/23.
  • Some complaints came in about PW tryouts. Parents are not happy that there were several players from other organization that came for a try out, that did well, but were not selected for the Travel Team, when other players (from EJYH) who did not have a very good try out were selected for the Travel Team. Some are questioning if the evaluators were biased.
    • Matt Tried to get unbiased evaluator, and confirmed that most evaluators did not know any of the kids trying out.
    • The top ranked players were chosen for the PW Travel team.
  • Moving forward, we as a Board need to come up with a Selection Policy to determine how teams are selected.
  • Questions to consider:

ü Should we let the Coach make a discretionary move? Should the cause be defined, or should it be left up to the coach?

ü Should the coaches articulate to the Head of Coaches why they think the roster should be what it is? This way the decision will not need to be non-subjective (Here’s why I think this kid is a better fit). This will also allow the Head Coach to have direction of how he wants his team to go.

ü Should the Policy be worded that Head Coach can replace up to 2 players on the roster, (with supporting reason), to the Head of Coaches? The Head Coach will determine the final number of players on the Travel Team.

ü Should the Policy be worded that the Top 10 players automatically advance?


Check in Policy: The check in process at PW tryouts could have gone smoother… An idea that was mentioned and observed at tryouts for other organizations is to have players preregister for tryouts. This allows jerseys to be assigned ahead of time, locker room assignments to be organized ahead of time and avoids confusion and saves time.

  • Once tryouts are complete, for privacy reason, results should be posted by tryout number rather than by name,
  • No players will be allowed on allowed on ice for tryouts without a release – No exceptions.
  • Makeup tryouts will not be granted.
  • Matt is proposing that he take all the notes from tonight’s meeting be used to help update the current policy that is in place. It will be distributed for Board review and approval prior to the Bantam evals scheduled for 4/23.


  1.  New Business


Long term planning committee

  • Meeting was held. Great turn out. Great Meeting. Very positive outcome.
  • Next meeting will be on 4/25 at White Eagles.
  • Committee is focusing on trying to reduce registration fees, and paying special attention of our athletes, better communication, ( i.e schedule some of our away games at other facilities, playing at domes more often to save money, getting corporate sponsorships.
  • May consider adding a board position for this.
  • One outcome of the meeting was that a meeting was scheduled with the Corning Hockey League to talk about a possible merger, and to see what each organization’s interests are.
    • Corning has Midget numbers but not PW #’s. Is there anything we can do to help each other out?



  • We need encourage coaches from other levels to participate in practices at levels other than their own. This will show the kids discipline, and what is expected of them at other levels.


Street hockey tournament:

  • Volunteers have been gathered.
  • Date needs to be set.
    • Looking at late June.
    • Matt needs to check availability.


EJYH Policies -review:

  • Meeting date needs to be set.
  • Debi will review the policies that are in place right now, and will bring the ones that require updating to the next meeting for review.



  • Renewal is due on 5/31.
  • Debi to consider whether we want to change to a different company or not. If we choose to stay with our current provider, it is recommended that we scrap the current web design and start new.


Jeff motioned to adjourn, Matt seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM


Next meeting will be held on Wednesday May 17, 2017 @ 6PM

(Location TBA)