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July 18th EJYH Board Meeting

6:00pm – First Arena – Mite Locker Room

Attendees: Karie Magliocca, Bernadette Patelunas, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Mark L'Amoreaux, Matt Peris, Amy Walsh, Jake Burns, Debi Benjamin

Absent: Randy Fatula

Open Positions: Vice President, Secretary, Director of Programs, and Legal

Visitor – Matt Atwater

Meeting called to order by Jeff at 6:04pm

Approval and posting of minutes for May and June – waiting on Shelly to send over June’s minuets.  Jeff to follow up with her to have them sent so they can be posted.

Elections – several openings – Director of Programs, Legal, Secretary (Brianne Homer has shown interest for Secretary position) and Vice President. Board agrees to table Brianne’s application until the August meeting so she can attend the meeting. Scott Merrick has mentioned running for the Vice-President position but wishes to table the option until August to see if there are other candidates who wish to apply.

Coaches Report– Matt states that he is ready to accept applications for coaches for the 2017-2018 season now that registration is open.  Matt would like for the website to be updated so individuals can apply.  Jeff will post this message.   We are still looking to download coach’s reviews from prior seasons before accepting new applications.  Jeff wants Matt to schedule a coaches meeting in late August to get the season rolling.

Treasurer – nothing to report

Fundraising – Bernadette states that she has been having conversations with Corey regarding working the concession stand for the 2017-2018 season for team fundraising purposes.  Corey has offered the counter to the left of the rec rink entrance for selling purposes, t-shirts, etc.  Mike Maloney (Rainbow Lettering) is ready with our current logo to print material for fundraising.  Is this something that we could do to increase our scholarship funds?

Snowbelt – Next meeting is scheduled for August.

Registration – Debi states that registration is officially open for Squirts, Peewee and Bantam.  Travel email was sent to PW travel parents to disregard commitment letter that was sent back in April and what to do with checks that were sent in for down payment.  Karie states that no checks were cashed due to uncertainty of arena and board voting “after” the letter was sent out to not require the fee for travel players.  Mite registration will be open in September.  Travel teams will have 22 weeks of practice, Snowbelt teams will have 21 weeks of practice during the 2017-2018 season.  Practices will start 9/18/17 for travel teams and 9/25 for Snowbelt teams.   The week of Thanksgiving and the week around Christmas and New Year’s will be the scheduled closed weeks for practices.  Karie has the cost breakdown for the 2017-2018 season.  Deb sent out a letter regarding a program to offer to get new referrals to get numbers up called the “Refer a Friend Program”.  Amy made a motion to adopt referral program for the 2017-2018 season and Bernadette seconded.  Vote was unanimous, no one opposed.  Information to be posted to website by Jeff regarding the addition of this program.

Old Business:

  1. Mite Mania tentative dates January 12th-14th 2018 which is the MLK weekend.We are currently looking at February 16th – 18th 2018 for a Bantam/Peewee house tournament.Motion was submitted by Matt for dates and Amy seconded.All in favor, no opposition.Dates will be posted to website.If there is an option at a later date to open the February tournament to travel teams, it will be considered.

  2. Golf tournament update – Debi and Jeff met 2 weeks ago to get the ball rolling for the 3rd annual EJYH Golf Tournament.Mike Lunger (previously appointed) emailed brochures and flyers for September 9th at Mark Twain to Debi and Jeff.Mike mentioned that he has some surplus of items from the tournament left over from last year.Max of 18 teams (more if possible).Balls with logo would be $325.Ball markers $425, tees have to be ordered in large quantities.

  3. Rebrand update – Jake (Matt) states that Joe Karuba has still not committed 100% to donate the cost for jerseys and socks for the 2017-2018 season which would open the option of rebranding.Jake states he needs 48 more hours to find out if Joe is going to be onboard with supporting the program.The supplier should we rebrand that will be used for ordering purposes will be Reebok or Bauer.Amy has been in contact with Scott Vang to get the order placed for sample jerseys. There appears to be an issue with advertising and Karuba in the past.Jake has two other sponsors interested for other donations possibly for future events (tournament sponsorship, warm up suits, etc.).Karie is making a motion to hold off no more than 48 more hours to hear from Joe Karuba regarding sponsorship and rebrand for the 2017-2018 season and if no commitment is made to strike the option of rebranding for the 2017-2018 season and stay Elmira Jackals, Bernadette seconded.All if favor – no opposition.If we do get the commitment from Karuba, we will need to decide immediately if rebranding is in the best interest of our program.We will need logos submitted immediately to decide.Colors to be determined at that time.

New Business:

  1. Schedule approval for 2017-2018 practice schedule – motion to approve by Bernadette second by Mark – see attachment for practice schedule. All in favor, no opposition.Mark will upload practice dates to website.Squirt evaluations will be held Tuesday and Thursday, their first week of practices.It has been determined that we have ice for the 2017-2018 season at arena.Bernadette and Mark have also reached out the domes regarding slots they may have available for practices and games. They are finalizing their schedules the week of July 20th for both JV and Varsity Elmira College teams as well as the Corning Hurricane teams.A motion was made by Karie to take whatever times they can give us if they are usable and move our practice schedules around to use both the arena and the domes for practices and games.Bernadette seconded.All approved.

  2. Street Hockey Tournament – has been tabled numerous times.Can we look into the arena section to do this?Karie made a motion to table this topic until next summer when there is more information available regarding the stability of the arena.Mark seconded.All in favor – no opposition.

  3. Parent’s night out – date we are looking at September 30th.We are looking to have a band and karaoke.Matt is looking at the Green Derby. Cash bar/Cash food. Matt is going to talk to Shawn at the derby to see what he will offer up for us.

  4. Bylaws amendment to remove restriction for spouses to serve simultaneously on the board – Jeff wants to discuss removing the bylaw to prohibit spouses from serving simultaneously.The concern is we are not getting the applicants for board positions, so what happens if someone else resigns and we can’t fill the position?Scott states that a few years ago situations arose with spouses serving on the board together which caused friction which prompted the addition of the spousal bylaw.The current thought is to not create any unnatural barriers for those who want to join.Matt made a motion to remove the bylaw regarding the restriction from prohibiting spouses from serving on the board simultaneously, Scott seconded.The change will be posted on the website and will go into effect 30 days later after being posted.

  5. Sweater fitting dates – once the rebrand decision comes through no later than Friday July 21st by 5pm, Amy will move forward with scheduling sweater fitting dates either staying with EJYH and our previous distributor or moving forward with the options presented by Scott Vang.

Next meeting will be Tuesday August 15th 6PM at TBD location. 


Amy made motion to adjourn, Scott 2nd – 6:57 PM all in favor.