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EJYH Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 2017

Attendees:   Matt Peris, Jeff Osmond, Amy Walsh, Mark Lamoreaux, Kari Magliocca, Scott Merrick, Michelle McCarthy, Debi Benjamin, Randy Fatula, Jake Burns


Absent: Mike Lunger, Tim Krusen, Bob Siglin


Vacant:    Director of Programs

Visitors:  None


I.          Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM by Jeff Osmond

II.         Approval and Posting Minutes: May Minutes to be posted

III.        Board Elections:

  • Director of Programs –

    • One parent interested, but does not want to run against anyone.

    • Not a vital position to be filled, given the number of other positions that can help take care of their duties.

  • Legal Representative -

    • Received an email from Bob Siglin stating interest if no one else runs, but has not communicated any more interest since that initial email.

    • Matt Buzetti is interested, but was not able to attend due to a death in the family.

      • Motion to table the Legal and Director of Programs until next month – All in favor.Vote carried

  • Equipment Manager- Amy Walsh

    • Board votes are in.Amy Walsh reelected.

  • Registrar- Debi Benjamin –

    • Board votes are in - Debi Benjamin reelected

      IV.        Officer Reports:

  • Treasurer- Karie Magliocca – Nothing to report

  • Fundraising- Bernadette Patelunas – Nothing to Report

  • Coaches – Matt Peris

    • New Volunteer application form needs to be uploaded to the website, so we can get an idea of who we have for coaches.

    • We will be using a new web provider.

      • Training will need to be done on this new site before we can use it.

      • League Athletics has been renewed, so we have time to train and slowly transition to the new site.

      • Registration will be open on the old site for the 2017/18 season – Timing TBD.

  • Snowbelt- Scott –

    • There will be a few rule changes being implemented but nothing pressing to report.

  • Registration- Debi – Nothing to report.

    V.         Old Business:

  • EJYH Policies for review/update:

    • Completed – Revisions have already been voted on and final revisions have already been implemented.Any comments received since the vote, will not be considered.

    • Other policies listed that have not been discussed, and may need review. Debi to review and advise.

  • Golf Tournament:

    • To be held on 9/9.

    • Committee Volunteers Needed.

    • We need to confirm if Mike is going to lead this.Jeff will reach out to see what his intentions are.

    • Matt and Joe Magliocca will be added to the committee.

  • Sponsorship Committee –

    • Should we have a Sponsorship coordinator or just gather a committee?

    • Should this be a board position?

      • Scott Vang is a good option, but we need to see if he is interested.

    • Jeff motioned to established a Corporate Sponsor Committee.All in Favor.

      • Jake Burns appointed Chair of the Committee

    • Set date to open registration:

      • 2017/2018 Registration date will be set once Matt, Jeff and Mark have met with Corey.

        VI.        New Business:

  • Approval for Tournaments –

    • Mite Mania and Winter Classic will both be held this winter.

    • Need to advertise ASAP.

    • Jeff to work with Debi on dates for both.


      VII.       Executive Session:

  • Board entered into Executive session at 6:36 PM.Exited Executive session at 7:02PM


    Motion to adjourn by Matt Peris at 7:03 PM.  Amy Seconded.  All in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM



    Next meeting will be held on July 19, 2017- 6PM (Location TBA)