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EJYH Meeting - August 15, 2017

6:00pm - First Arena Mite Locker room


Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Amy Walsh, Bernadette Patelunas, Randy Fatula, Scott Merrick, Mark L’Amoreaux, Jake Burns

Absent – Matt Peris, Deb Benjamin

Guests – Brianne Homer, Brandon Ferguson (Group Event Specialist Binghamton), Albert Comfort

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:05 pm

Meeting minutes were posted and approved for June and July

Special Guest – Brandon Ferguson attended as a rep with the Binghamton New Jersey Devils hockey team.  He is presenting a fundraiser for our group offering $10 per player for organizational night of hockey for the kids.  The fundraiser is for a play making sponsorship which offers up numerous opportunities for the kids to attend games and get different sponsorship options based on price such as fan experiences, bench warmers, chuck-a-puck cleanup, and national anthem lineup with players, intermission skates, etc.  Jeff thanks Brandon for attending and advised him that we would look more into the opportunity once our registration numbers are finalized.

Board Elections

Vice President – Scott Merrick volunteered for the VP position.  Expectation is that bylaws state VP role is limited therefore, Scott plans to continue doing the Snowbelt rep work as well to make sure the responsibilities of that position continue to be covered.

Secretary – Brianne Homer – Brianne states that her son plays hockey and has been for the last five years.  She has helped coaches in the past before and runs her own photography business and states that she is very organized and detail oriented.  Jeff states that Brianne has stepped up to help out on numerous occasions both during the season and for out of season hockey events.  Brianne states she can make the meeting minute turnaround within a week for them to be sent out and reviewed and posted.

The Board went into executive session to discuss and vote upon the candidates.  Karie made a motion to elect Brianne as secretary and Bernadette seconded.  Vote of 100% confirmed to elect Brianne as secretary.

Mark motioned and Bernadette seconded the motion to elect Scott as VP of the board.  Vote was 100% confirmed to elect Scott as the VP.

The Board completed their executive session and candidates were notified on the Boards decision. Jeff let Brianne and Scott know that they were unanimously voted into their new positions.  He pointed out that Brianne’s voting rights would commence at the next scheduled board meeting.

Treasurer – Karie stated that the limit that was previously set ($1,500) for tournament loan totals is too low and should be raised to accommodate the teams that must register for their tournaments further in advance in order to get accepted. The same rules will apply to those teams that do not make the payments back to the league in a timely manner.  Jake made a motion to raise to $2,500, Mark seconded.  Karie stated that Amy had requested the purchase of new pinnies and pucks and was concerned that before Karie could purchase, board approval would be needed.  Jeff cleared up this issue by stating that the treasurer has the ability to make purchases up to $1,000 without board approval.  Finally, Karie pointed out that with her the appointment of team manager for the 2017-2018 PW travel team, she was not comfortable creating tournament loan requests for the team she manages, approving them, and completing the payments.  Karie requested that when she needs a tournament loan for her team, she will send to the league president for approval prior to submitting any payments for tournaments.  Karie motioned for Jeff to approve her tournament loans and Bernadette seconded.

Equipment – Amy states that we will need pick up some new score sheets

Snowbelt - Scott states that the annual Snowbelt meeting is Thursday August 17th in Onondaga.  Discussion will center on checking at bantam and midget level.  Scott believes the major conversation will be the removal of checking.  Scott is going to vote to not change the checking rule and to leave it in. 

Fundraising – Bernadette was looking for clarification on whether or not we are going to require a fundraiser for the mini-mites this season.  Last year, we used tickets and boxes to Jackals games and small ticket drawings as a fundraiser.  With the Jackals not being here this season and trying to keep costs down to get kids into our program, Karie made motion to not have mini-mite fundraiser, seconded by Jake – all in favor, no one opposed.  Bernadette stated that the IDA wants to charge a percentage of our profits for selling our fundraiser items at the table they previously offered up upon walking into the rec rink however, they are not sure of what percentage they want and are stating that they would need to know what we are selling in order to determine what our percentage would be.  This subject will need to be discussed further as the season gets started in order to determine if it is in the best interest of the kids and this organization.

Scheduler – Mark states that the central section meeting is being held September 17th.  Mark has created a template for each team to use to pick out their ice slots.  He is going to send it out to look at and make agreements to how we will get everything scheduled with one sheet of ice.  Mark states that the practice schedule is out on the Jackals website by Corey, so Jeff is going to post it out on our site.  Mark heard back from the domes and he stated that the only opportunity would be a few hours on Monday evenings and maybe on Friday evenings when they do not have home games scheduled.  Mark is going to continue to check with him when their schedule is more confirmed.

New business – Jake states that he is hoping to have the Mite Mania and President’s Bash tournaments at the arena for PW and Bantam paid for in full with sponsorships.  Jake will confirm this prior to the next board meeting.

2 and 2 challenge – Debi wanted to address a possible new program to market the youth hockey program further.  The 2 and 2 challenge is a program to build your organization and keep it growing.  It is essentially a marketing tool to help generate more interest in the hockey program.  Jeff is questioning if we want to commit to this opportunity for the 2 and 2 challenge.  Brianne has offered to spearhead this new concept and work on getting it ready to present how it can work to our benefit to the board.  Karie makes a motion for Brianne to start working on the 2 for 2 program and it was seconded by Amy.  We are also going to continue discussing how to market our program in the future…Facebook, Instagram, other social media sites as fit.

Old business

Bylaw amendment, article 7 paragraph I9 which is the spouse shall not serve simultaneously.  This bylaw was previously (July’s board meeting) voted to be removed. Karie made a motion to remove this bylaw, Scott seconded.  Motion was approved by all.  Jeff will post this change on the website.

Golf tournament – registration forms and hole sponsorships went out today.  It is scheduled for September 9th at Mark Twain.  Funds raised from the tournament and parents night out will be used for general operating funds including equipment purchases, scholarship program, and future marketing programs. 

Parents night out – tabled until next month’s meeting.  Jeff is going to speak with Deb and Matt.

New Business – James Nolan reached out to the NY Rangers to see if they would be willing to work with us to get us discounted tickets to games, so we are looking into doing a NY Rangers game/bus trip for the kids who are interested.  Jeff is going to forward the email with particulars regarding the opportunity.

Equipment Swap – Jeff is proposing that we sell the equipment that we received for the try hockey for free and grow the game grant to see if we can make any money off it because majority of the equipment is too small.  Jeff wants to do two equipment swaps one for bigger kids and one for the smaller kids when mites start.  Amy said if people want to drop off equipment for the swap, then they need to stay with their equipment.  September 16th will be the first equipment swap from 10-12 in the lobby. 

Helmet - $10

Gloves - $5

Elbow Pad - $5

Shin Guard - $5

Chest - $10

Bags - $10

Jackal Jersey - $5

Karie to supply petty cash for selling.  Jeff, Amy, Karie, Randy will be here for selling.

Pictures are tabled for now.  Looking for other options.  Possibly the first week of November.

Room Roster has contacted Jeff in regards to us using them for our 2 house tournaments.  We are going to hold off for now.

Randy would like to get more involved in the website situations.  He wants to start using social media to promote our program.  He is going to start by overhauling our current website to get all of the stored information out and saved.  He is also going to start “dressing” up our current website to market the start of our new season.

Motion to adjourn meeting – Amy motions to adjourn, Karie seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

Next meeting is September 13th 6pm Rounding Third