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EJYH Meeting – September 13, 2017

6:00pm – Legends, Elmira Heights


Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Mark L’Amoreaux, Matt Peris, Deb Benjamin, Brie Homer

Absent – Jake Burns, Randy Fatula, Amy Walsh, Bernadette Patelunas

Guests – N/A

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:14 PM.


Meeting minutes were posted and approved for August.


Board Vacancies –  

Legal Representative- no response from candidate to date. Jeff is recommending that we change the bylaws, so that the legal representative position is not a voting position.  Matt made a motion to remove this position from the bylaws and seek out legal advice when necessary and needed, Mark seconded.  All in favor to remove, motion has been carried.

Snowbelt Rep- Scott is going to continue to run this position and the VP position simultaneously until we can get it filled.

Director of Programs- Jeff, Karie, and Debi will continue to take care of these duties until someone else runs for this position.


Treasurer –  Karie will update with golf information at a later date.  Funds are pouring in with credit card purchases to Dwoalla.  Karie brought up a concern about the company that did the sweaters and socks. The company ran the credit card a second time without any authorization. Next year we need to be sure to tell them that is not acceptable to happen again.


Coaches – Matt stated that a coaches meeting will be held Tuesday September, 19th at 6pm in the Jackals locker room. A manager meeting will be announced.


Snowbelt – Karie will be attending the scheduling meeting on the 17th for the travel teams. There will be a meeting for scheduling, for the Snowbelt on October 23rd. Coaches and/ or managers will be encouraged to attend to make scheduling smoother. Mark also stated that he has a template setup to make the process easier for scheduling.  The JAM tournament dates have been announced and will be held March 2-4th. We will not be putting in a bid to host JAM this year, since we will be having two in house tournaments.


Registration – Deb reported that there are 25 Peewees, 13 Mites, 23 Squirts, and 19 Bantams registered currently. Registration just opened for Mites. Registration will continue until September 30th. Practice for the travel teams starts the week of September 17th. The Peewee, Bantams, and Squirts all begin practicing the week of September 25th. Mites will begin the week of October 23rd. Deb said that only three applications have been turned in for the scholarships. The deadline is September 15th for the scholarship applications. Jeff brought up the question if the organization should be promoting travel teams more. The board felt that if travel is promoted more, there could be a loss in numbers for Snowbelt, which would hurt that side of the organization. Before next season the board would like to look into the fees being paid by those on the travel teams. Rates for the Snowbelt players have continued to rise, but travel has remained the same. The board feels that we need to consider having the travel players pay more, as well as starting their year earlier.  


Scheduler – Mark states that the Bantam and travel team master schedules and rosters are posted online. Mark will send an email to notify the Bantam and travel teams. Once rosters are loaded for the other teams, schedules will then be assigned. Karie raised the question asking how many non-q games each team is able to have. Deb will look into how much ice time is allotted for the non q games. A discussion ensued and the board will be discussing having teams pay for ice time if they would like additional ice time for non-q games next.


Equipment – Amy informed Jeff that the sweaters and socks arrived. Two boxes of pucks and pinneys are also ready for the start of the season. Karie will look into the status of the Mite jerseys. Karie will get scores sheets, which are needed.


Old business

Golf tournament – The tournament went well. While the event was smaller this year, we will continue with it to make it a consistent event. Next year a committee should be formed to work on the fundraising side of the golf tournament more. The date of the event will continue to be after Labor Day, but before the start of the season.

Parents night out – Matt and Deb presented the idea of making parents night out more of a welcome back evening to kick off the season, rather than a money maker. The board agreed with this idea. There will be no cover for the event and it will be cash bar and food. Baskets and raffles will still be done. Each board member is being asked to bring one bottle of liquor to create a basket for raffling. To make the event more fun and get everyone involved it was suggested a DJ who does karaoke be selected. Matt with be contacting the Green Derby to check on the dates October 28th and 21st.

2 vs 2 challenge – Deb reported that she signed up for the challenge and our goal is to reach the gold award. There are different options to reach the gold award. Brie and Deb will discuss which options we will do. Try Hockey for Free Day will be done twice this year as one of the options. The first date will be November 4th from 10:30am – 12:00pm. The second date will be in March. Brie will work on getting a bulletin board together for a welcome back board in the lobby.

Equipment Swap – Jeff stated that a new date needed to be selected. An event is going on in the arena which will also be using the lobby of the rec rink. September 30th will be the new date for equipment swap from 10:00 am -12:00 pm in the lobby. Volunteers are needed.

Pictures – The board has made the decision to try Bakely Photography this year. Brie will reach out to Bakely Photography to have a date selected in early November for the photos.

Website – After registration is completed a new web provider will be selected. Randy will take the lead with the website.

Long Term Planning – Jeff proposed that we need to consider forming committees to work on a long term goal and an emergency plan for the organization. At this point there is no plan set in place if something were to happen with the arena or the ice. The ice needs a complete overhaul because it has gone too long in between maintenance. If something were to happen and the ice would need to be repaired we should have something ready to go. Mark will work on contacting other rinks and organizations to see what would be available to us. Matt said that grants would be a great resource to help the organization, but we need someone with knowledge of them. Mark suggested that Jake might be a good resource on grants.

Motion to adjourn meeting – Mark motions to adjourn, Matt seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.

Next meeting is October 18th 6pm location TBD.