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EJYH Meeting – October 19, 2017

6:00pm – Roundin’ Third, Elmira

Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Mark L’Amoreaux, Bernadette Patelunas, Deb Benjamin, Brie Homer

Absent – Jake Burns, Matt Peris, Amy Walsh

Guests – N/A

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:15 PM.

Meeting minutes were posted and approved for September.


Board Positions –  

Legal Representative- Last month it was voted to advertise the amendment to the bylaws to eliminate Legal Representative as a Board position. The advertisement was done. Mark made a motion to amend the bylaws Kari seconded.  All in favor to remove, motion has been carried.


Treasurer –  Karie stated we are in good standing.  Funds are still coming in from registrations.  Teams have started borrowing for upcoming tournaments. Kari will check with Mark one ice times are all scheduled to check on the money owed on ice for the season. Fees have been paid to Central Section and score sheets were ordered.


Coaches – Deb reported that most of the coaches are up to date with the age appropriate modules that are required. These are due by October 31, 2017. The CEP is due December 31, 2017.


Registration – Deb reported that there are 25 Bantams, 27Peewees, 26 Squirts, and 40 Mites, registered currently. There are 8 mini-mites registered. Mini-mites begins November 4, 2017.


Fundraising – Bernadette handed the Lotto tickets over to Deb to get to the managers of all the teams. The web store will be opening at the end of next week. There will be items available in the web store as Elmira Jackals and also as Elmira Hockey.


Snowbelt – Scott explained that the Snowbelt is looking into allowing checking for Bantam red teams, but not white and blue. There was a discussion on if this would cause confusion when teams play teams at another level. Scott will be declaring the following teams with the Snowbelt: Bantam White, Peewee White, Squirt Red, and Squirt Blue. Jeff discussed the new icing rule that effects Bantams, Peewees, and Squirts, that does not allow icing on penalty kills anymore. Jeff pointed out that it is important to clarify if this rule is or is not being used when attending tournaments. Jeff discussed the possibility of considering a change in tier level for the future. Currently we are Tier II, but it could be beneficial to look into Tier III.


Scheduler – Mark states that there has been a change in practice schedules so that the Squirts and Mites will have a consistent schedule. Mites will practice Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 5:00 – 6:00pm. Squirts will practice Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 6:15 – 7:15pm. Mark has met with the Bantam manager (Jeff) and Squirt Blue manager (Brie) to explain how the scheduling meeting will go on October 23, 2017. Mark has provided everyone who will be scheduling, a spreadsheet to help make the process smoother. Names for all of the managers have been sent to the Snowbelt, so that they can be shared with all schedulers. Mark will be attending the meeting to schedule for Squirt Red and to provide assistance to anyone who may need it. Board members were reminded that when scheduling games for the year to try to avoid being far from home the following dates: November 4th (Try Hockey For Free Day), January 12-14th (Mite Mania), and February 16-18th (February Freeze).


Equipment – Deb brought up that too many people have the code to the equipment room and that should be limited to just a handful of board members.


Old Business

Parents’ Night Out – Matt secured The Green Derby on Friday November 17, 2017 for Parents’ Night Out. Parents’ Night Out is a welcome back evening to kick off the season, rather than a money maker. Baskets and raffles will still be done. Each board member is being asked to bring one bottle of liquor to create a basket for raffling. We are still in need of a DJ.


Pictures – Brie reported that Bakely Photography will be doing photos on November 6th and 7th. Order forms will be given to managers and should be sent home the week before photos. Photos will be taken on the ice. Brie will be there the night of photos to help make sure things run smoothly.  Photo schedule: November 6th the Peewee House at 5:15pm & Peewee Travel at 5:30pm and Bantam House at 7:00pm & Bantam Travel at 7:15pm. November 7th Mite Blue at 5:00pm, Mite White at 5:15pm, Mite Red at 5:30pm and Squirt Blue will be at 6:15pm and Squirt White will be at 6:30pm.

Website – The website domain will soon expire and we will need to be sure to switch the admin to a current board member.  The website needs to be switched over to the Sports Engine template. Eric Patelunas has volunteered to help with this process.


New Business

Managers Meeting – Deb has set up meetings to meet with the new managers. October 25th will be Peewee and Bantam managers. October 26th will be Squirt and Mite managers.


Try Hockey for Free Day – The event will be November 4th from 10:30am – 12:30pm. Brie will work on reaching out to coaches to attend. Scholarship players will be asked to volunteer at the event. Jake will reach out to the local news station. Matt will be asked to see if we can post the event on the outside arena board. Bernadette will work to notify the schools of the event.


Mite Mania– Randy Fatula will be coordinating this tournament. Jake is working to hopefully line a sponsor up for the tournament. The dates are January 12th – 14th. Brie will create a flier to help advertise the event. Deb will work on setting up on Room Roster to help make registering for the tournament easier.


February Freeze – Matt and Deb are working on coordinating this tournament. First Transit will be sponsoring this tournament. Deb will work on setting up on Room for the tournament. Fine Designs would like to set up to offer shirts that can be customized at the tournament. Brie will create a flier to help advertise the event.


Binghamton Devils Promotions – The Binghamton Devils has reached out to us, but without knowing our schedules for the teams it is impossible to make any choices yet.


Coaches’ bags – Jeff presented the idea that each team should receive first aid kids and helmet repair kits. Everyone was in agreement with the idea. It was determined that the coaches should each receive a bag, that is signed out by Amy, the equipment manager for the season. It was agreed that ice packs, as well as pinnies should be included in the bag for the teams.


Motion to adjourn meeting – Deb motions to adjourn, Kari seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.

Next meeting is November 14th 6pm location TBD.