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EJYH Meeting – November 14, 2017

6:00pm – First Arena, Elmira

Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Bernadette Patelunas, Deb Benjamin (remote), Brie Homer, Matt Peris, Amy Walsh

Absent – Jake Burns,

Guests – N/A

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:08 PM.

Meeting minutes were posted and approved for October.


Registration – Deb reported that there are 18 mini mites scheduled for the first session. There are families that still have money due for this season. Beginning on November 15th those who have not paid in full, will not be allowed on the ice for practices or games. Deb also discussed that starting on Thursday evenings some of the older goalies will be coming to help mentor the Mites and Squirts at practice.


Treasurer –  Karie stated the first referee bill was received and has been paid. Karie is just waiting on registration fees to be paid by all players.


Snowbelt – Scott reported that there would be a SnowBelt meeting on Thursday.


Scheduler – Mark sent an email that led to the discussion on if the organization should look in to using ice at the Domes. The negatives, positives, and concerns were discussed in length. Mark will be looking into scheduling 9 ice slots at the Domes to allow some teams to hold practices there. This will in turn allow two teams to gain a full ice practice from each slot booked. A concern about Mite ice time was also brought up. Mite managers have started to schedule home games, but were not aware of the 3 home ice slots they are allotted. Mite managers will be notified ASAP about the 3 home ice slots available, and will be encouraged to book games at the same time as another Mite team to utilize the full sheet of ice.


Coaches – Matt reported that coaches are needed for Mini Mites. Matt will be working on a schedule to ensure there are enough coaches to cover the Mini Mites practices each week.


Fundraising – Bernadette informed everyone there is an option to order an embroidered coat, but there would have to be a minimum order of 20 coats. Bernadette will look into having the web store add some items with the Jackals. Mini Mites will be selling candy bars as their fundraiser. This was motioned by Deb and seconded by Scott.


Equipment – The code has been changed for the equipment room and only board members will now have the code. Nine first aid bags will be ordered to finish off the coaches bags. Amy created a form that each coach will sign in order to sign out the coaches’ bags once they are ready.  


Old Business

Parents’ Night Out – Jeff will email the organization the reminder for the event. Tonight Kari presented the idea of also raffling off a free season of hockey for next year. Deb motioned the free hockey season and Bernadette seconded. Any money made from the 50/50, baskets, or silent auctions will be used for general operating expenses.

Website – Eric Patelunas has started to work on the new website for the organization. However, he is having a difficult time getting things done due the host taking a long time to open up privileges. Deb is going to check the contract and see what can be done to limit the control the host is holding.

Incentives for Board members – A committee consisting of Scott, Matt, and Bernadette will begin to take a closer look into this idea. The goal is to help encourage more people to get involved, plus to continue to help for a longer time.

Scott Merrick Award– A committee is being formed to begin looking into who is deserving of the Scott Merrick Award this year. The committee will consist of Scott, Kari, Matt, Amy, and Bernadette.

Mite Mania/ February Freeze – RoomRoster should be getting things finished up and ready to go soon. Brie will email the information for both tournaments to the SnowBelt schedulers.


New Business

Midget Age Retention – The organization believes that with the two Bantam teams we currently have we are looking good to have a Midget team for next year.


Sibling Behavior – The behavior of siblings during practices has continued to be an issue, despite emails and meetings with managers. The arena will now be removing siblings with bad behavior from the building for a time determined by the arena. This will affect any siblings who also play, because they will not be allowed to practice or play in games.


Concession Stand Operation– First Arena will be surrendering their food permit, which would allow our organization to take over the concession stand. To obtain a food permit for the season the fee would be $105. There will be a lot to consider such as inventory, staffing the stand, and handling the money at the end of each shift. Matt made the motion to secure the food permit and Bernadette seconded it. Bernadette is going to look into getting a permit.


Motion to adjourn meeting – Matt motions to adjourn, Bernadette seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

Next meeting is December 13th at 6pm location TBD.