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 Mite Mania Meeting                                                                                                     Dec 7th, 2017



Debi Benjamin                  Elmirayouthhockey@gmail.com

Matt Peris                          

Kelly Stuart                        

Cathy Dunlap                    

Chrissy Heater                  

Lewis White                      

Pat/Summer Wilson      

Jaime Slavin                       

Lisa Balland                         lballand@repsol.com



Flyers-Debi has printed out flyers for each team manager to leave at all visiting rinks

Teams : need to solicit more teams-Last years teams?

  • Binghamton
  • Corning

Registration:  Debi

  • Will be handled by Room Roster
  • Teams can register and pay on-line, roster their teams and book hotels
  • This can also be used for game schedules, scoring  and other tracking
  • On-line registration at:      https://app.roomroster.com/events/3772/register

Vendors:  $25/spot

  • TShirts- Debi
    • Arthur Kline will bring his own set up. He offers several T-shirt styles, fabrics and lots of screen pressed options
  • Lula Roe-Matt
    • Fun and Fancy clothing brough by a member of April Peris’s team
  • Soaps/Candles-Lewis?
  • 31 Bags
  • Essential Oils
  • Sports Memorabilia
    • Bills Bullpen-Bill Fesetch
  • Pictures: would like someone that does CS’s a computer setup
  • Live Barn

Food: Need a permit -Bernadette

  • Popcorn -Debi and Chrissy both have popcorn machines that can be used
  • Food Truck- Lisa
    • Smoke on the water-100% self contained with his own permits. Needs a permit from Elmira. Can he park outside or come in the building?
    • Diner in HHds. More of a catering type.
  • Felony Donuts
  • Bake Sale- donations from parents
  • Crock Pot Meals- donations from parents
  • Snack Shop- coffee, donuts, water, cocoa, Gatorade, soda, pretzels, nachos, candy


  • Video Gamer
    • Rainy Toad
  • Bounce House/Slide-Lewis
    • Joel Voorhees
  • Skills Competition- Possibly Fri  or late Saturday
    • Skate
    • Shoot
    • Shoot Out for goalies
  • Fri Evening Welcome Party
    • DJ-Lewis
    • Pizza and Beverages
    • Skills Competition on one side

Volunteers Needed

On Ice

  • Refs
  • Bumper Movers
  • Score Keepers
    • need to develop a scoring system
    • One volunteer from each team so it is fair
  • Timer
  • Music/Announcements

Off Ice

  • Check In/Welcome Bags
  • Locker Rooms
    • Matt, can these be locked? If so, we can sign out the keys
  • Score Updates
  • Food
  • Basket
  • 50/50


  • Baskets- donations from parents of each team
  • 50/50 during each game


  • Decorations/Banners
  • Awards
    • Individual medals for each participant
    • Trophies for championship games  (1st and 2nd)
  • Welcome Bags
    • Jon Parks-Debi to reach out


  • Sponsors
    • Send out Letters
    • Debi has a list
  • Ads :Business card size, ¼ page, ½ page, Full Page  or Bronze, silver, gold.
    • Need a form to send out to sponsors and families
  • Need a vendor to put the Program Together
    • Team Names and Pics for each division