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EJYH Meeting – January 10, 2018

6:00pm – Green Derby, Elmira

Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Brie Homer, Amy Walsh, Mark L’Amoreaux, Bernadette Patelunas, Deb Benjamin (remote)

Absent – Matt Peris

Guests – Dominic Edwards

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:07 PM.

Meeting minutes were posted and approved for December.


Jake Burns turned in his resignation for his position as the PR Coordinator to the board. Responsibilities will be shared across the board for PR needs, the bylaws will be amended to remove the PR Coordinator position. Bernadette made the motion to amend the bylaws and it was seconded by Scott.


Registration – Deb reported that numbers were up for the second session of Mini Mites. There are 19 kids for this session. Deb suggested that there be a mini-mite volunteer check-in to be sure there are extra hands to assist families. There is also a need for more coaches to help out. After this year there will be no more equipment available to supply to mini mites.


Treasurer – Karie stated that she has been taking care of sending out many tournament fees for teams. The winnings from the lotto boards will be sent out weekly as they are announced.


Fundraising – Bernadette said she will be considering some new ideas for next year, instead of the lotto boards, to change it up a bit. We also discussed that it would be beneficial to have Bernadette attend the manager trainings next year, because of confusion this year about fundraising procedures.


Snowbelt – Scott reported that there would be a Snow Belt meeting coming up. The meeting for the JAM tournaments will be February 15th.


Scheduler – Working with the Domes has gone very well. They do have ice time available for some practices and are even willing to open up some earlier ice times, if needed. Scheduling of games at the Domes would prove to be very tough though. Lansing has also reached out that they too have ice time available for use.

Old Business

Mite Mania – With great disappointment Mite Mania was cancelled on January 5th.

February Freeze – Sign-ups are going well. A committee is meeting weekly. Information for the meetings is being posted on the Youth Hockey website, as well as the minutes for the meetings. Bernadette will obtain a food permit for the tournament. Mark will reach out to find a vendor with sports memorabilia. Deb is working on getting vendors and is searching for a photographer to come in who can offer a disc of images and computers for viewing on the spot. All available parents are encouraged to help to make this a great tournament.

Concession Stand – A food permit is not required to sell packaged items. Bernadette did a trial at a public skate night. She spent $150 in food and made $50 back. It might do even better if it was a more consistent option, so that the public skate crowd knew and could come prepared. Bernadette discussed that using the concession stand as a fundraiser may be a great option for teams.

Banquet - March 27th at the First Arena. Karie and Bernadette will reach out to some caterers. Brie will look into table rentals. Deb is going to handle drinks, candy for tables, and desserts.


New Business

Try Hockey for Free – We will not be participating in this event in March. It is scheduled for March 3rd, when JAM will be taking place. We will consider doing a similar event in August/ September to line up better with registration.

Mite Coordinator – In order to help facilitate communication better with the Mite teams a motion was made by Deb and seconded by Karie to create a Mite Coordinator position. This position would help with communication between mite coaches, managers, and parents.

Board Elections – Elections will take place at the April board meeting. The position for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Affiliates will be up for election. Vacancies will be advertised.


Motion to adjourn meeting – Jeff motions to adjourn, Scott seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Next meeting is February 13th at 6pm location TBD.