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EJYH Meeting – February 13, 2018

6:00pm – Jackals Locker Room, First Arena

Attendees – Karie Magliocca, Jeff Osmond, Scott Merrick, Brie Homer, Matt Peris, Mark L’Amoreaux, Bernadette Patelunas

Absent –Amy Walsh, Deb Benjamin

Call to order – Jeff called meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

Meeting minutes were posted and approved for January.


Fundraising – The online store is now open and has been posted, as well as emailed so that Jackals Youth Hockey merchandise can be purchased. The store will be open for one week.


Snowbelt – Scott reported that on Thursday February 15th the Snowbelt meeting will be held to vote on the proposals for the JAM placements. The proposal information was sent out for the coaches to view and to provide any feedback to Scott if they wish.


Scheduler – Mark reminded everyone that due to February Freeze all practices would be cancelled on Friday February 16th. The board discussed allowing make ups for instances where practices are cancelled, due to the arena closing for weather or scheduling conflicts with the events at the arena. Matt made a motion to allow all teams to make up the cancelled practice from Friday the 16th, as well as the practice Pee Wee and Bantams missed due to a holiday. Mark seconded the motion. Practices will be made up Monday March 5th and Tuesday March 6th.


Coaches – Matt reported that the annual Juvenile Diabetes Tournament will be looking to move to April this year. Ice availability will need to be confirmed.


Old Business

Bylaws Amendment – The motion was made by Matt to remove the PR Coordinator position, and seconded by Scott. The bylaws will be amended to remove the position of the PR Coordinator.

February Freeze – Matt reported that plans are going very well. The tournament is full! Vendors are lined up, welcome bags are prepared, and trophies and medals have been ordered. Volunteers will be needed to help things run smoothly.

Banquet - March 27th at the First Arena. Hill Top sent an estimate. Table rentals will be needed. Raffle baskets will be done by teams. A free year of hockey will be raffled off this year.


New Business

Mite Move Up – Mite move up will be held on March 8th and 9Th. March 8th will be used as a practice and March 9th will be a scrimmage. 2008 squirts will join the mites that are moving up to scrimmage. Mark and Brie will notify the 2008 squirts.  Brie and Karie will be speaking to all of the parents on the night of March 8th to discuss the squirt program and requirements. Matt will notify the coaches about the move up.

Joint Committee Corning – In order to open discussion for the possibility of working with the Corning organization a committee was formed. A motion was made by Matt and seconded by Karie for Brie, Matt, and Karie to serve on the Joint Committee.

Tier Status – A discussion was held on if the travel teams should change status from Tier II to Tier III. In the end, it was felt that moving to Tier III would be the best choice for our teams. The motion was made by Jeff and seconded by Matt.

Motion to adjourn meeting – Karie motioned to adjourn, Scott seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.

Next meeting is March 14th at 6pm location TBD.